Metaverse and blockchain

The decentralized structure of the blockchain, as well as the uniqueness and complete ownership of virtual properties, make it a high-quality asset. Non-Fungible Token headed by the ERC-721 format token have become a hot spot in the industry in 2021. Decentralized proof of ownership of NFTs is an indispensable element of the Metaverse. In reality, people's ownership of all physical items is undisputed. However, in the online network, all virtual assets, whether coins or props, are data stored on centralized servers (mostly from commercial institutions).
This makes that. although major game developers have made many attempts, it is always difficult for online games to go further and become a more open virtual world with an advanced financial system, governance environment and social attributes. Because it conflicts with the centralized "God" authority and the concept of "profit first" of game developers.
The emergence of the blockchain has made the ideal "Metaverse" scenario possible.Blockchain technology has been 12 years since the emergence of Bitcoin. For solving the throughput, concurrency, and efficiency issues of the blockchain, many solutions from Layer0-Layer2 levels have emerged, many of which have been widely used; and various economic models suitable for local economic systems, projects or virtual social structures have also designed; and through the ways of empowering the governance mechanism to tokens, the form of community governance and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has been initially established.
More than games, with blockchain, a virtual society of the Internet will be built on the basis of blockchain. It has a real audiovisual and sensory experience, supports higher-frequency, large-scale and low-latency interactions, and also has a more decentralized economic and social structure. Metaverse, the concept of the future world, Will grow wildly in an open and fair environment. The original intention of IVS was to build an overall Metaverse infrastructure with advanced mechanisms and good experience.