The journey to make crypto mass adoption is full of challenges and opportunities. We will start from the US market and service the whole world in future. The roadmap demonstrates the current status and future plans of Simeta to readers and as well serves as a guideline during the development of dev teams.

Phase 1: Q1 2022

  1. Market research, feasibility analysis & team formation.

  2. Business model design and simulation.

  3. Whitepaper and website establish.

  4. Social media accounts registration and marketing.

Phase 2: Q2 2022

  1. Land system & Crypto eCommerce platform development.

  2. Issuance of utility tokens $SMT.

  3. Issuance of Land NFT.

  4. Seed & Private round sale.

  5. Releasing of Land NFT.

  6. Invite the first batch of sellers.

  7. Launch SMT on the first exchange.

Phase 3: Q3 2022

  1. Optimization of Land system & Crypto eCommerce System.

  2. Expand to the Europe & Asia market.

  3. APP development.

  4. Invite the 2nd batch of sellers & achieve a 20 million USDT turnover on the crypto eCommerce platform.

Phase 4: Q4 2022

  1. Simeta metaverse development includes customization of characters, pet system, land and pet NFT marketplace, NFT farming system, etc.

  2. Promote for merchants to complete sales of $200 million.

  3. List the utility tokens on CEX.

Phase 5: Q1 - Q4 2023

  1. Combine Crypto eCommerce platform and Simeta metaverse to complete Simeta, a metaverse eCommerce platform where users can shop in an emerging immersive digital environment with other users around the world.

  2. Optimization of the whole system and inviting more merchants.

  3. Promote for merchants to complete sales of $2 billion.

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