The development status and opportunities of Metaverse with blockchain

In today's blockchain industry, despite a large amount of funds being or preparing to join the track, it has to be admitted that the concept of Metaverse is still in its early stages. From the product point of view, the current blockchain Metaverse focuses more on the concept of assets, while downplaying the concept of behavior, and has a low degree of relevance to games and virtual spaces.
There are three main reasons for this:
• the crypto investors pay more attention to return on investment rather than content factors such as experience and gameplay. Therefore, the design requirements for economic models are far greater than the requirements for content quality;
• the content developers (mainly game developers) and smart contract developers have information mismatches, and there are differences in the understanding of the content, market, technology and economic system of the complex product of the blockchain Metaverse;
• limited by performance and the limitations of smart contracts, the executable operations are relatively limited.
Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, the superiority of blockchain, especially in solving the problem of data and assets, is still incomparable.
From crypto collectibles to blockchain games (also known as DGame, or GAMEFI), leading industry insiders have begun to lay out in various subdivisions and place bets for the future. Since the introduction of the Metaverse concept into the blockchain industry, within half a year, there have been a number of conceptual or early R&D projects that have become in hotspots and have produced effects in the primary or secondary market. At the same time, the overall valuation of this segment is more than 10 billion U.S. dollars.
This kind of creativity focuses on the empowerment, circulation and application of assets (mainly non-fungible tokens, NFT). Nowadays, combining the concept of VR with the blockchain is still a blue ocean market in the field. As the forerunner, the IVS team carried out a forward-looking planning and layout after integrating the resources of all parties, and finally completed the establishment of the IVS project.