What is the SMT token?

SMT is a cryptographically secured, BSC Blockchain deployed token that works as the native token of Simeta financial ecosystem. Some of the salient scenarios and features of this token include:
SMT Scenarios
Simeta native token SMT features:
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    Flexibility: With fiat currencies, it is difficult to carry around large amounts of money. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons and is even not allowed while travelling abroad. With SMT Token, you can easily carry around a million dollars worth of tokens directly on your mobile phone.
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    Fast: Simeta eCommerce marketplace utilizes blockchain technology for financial transactions which enables near to zero cost financial transactions, high-security standards, User-friendly wallets, and an overall amazing customer experience. Transactions are quick and easy, sending or spending.
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    Trust and transparency: Simeta eCommerce marketplace being deployed on a public blockchain brings transparency in transactions, which fosters trust. Every transaction is recorded in a shared ledger and cannot be modified by anyone. It offers high security, radical visibility, and faster processing speed, along with traceability through the decentralized system.
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    Secure: Simeta uses Blockchain-based transactions which are immutable. In the event that a block is altered, the block would be rejected by most of the nodes and the information would not persist in the ledger. This is because the block is hashed using the hash of the previous block which would link the blocks together and create a chain. If a block is altered the data would also affect the hash for the subsequent block which in turn causes the nodes in the network to reject it. This ensures that the information has not been tampered with which would ensure eCommerce ecosystems for customers, suppliers, sellers, and shipping companies are highly protected.